A Date for the Class Clown


A Fun Date

Awkward dating stories have been passed down through families and friends for years, and many people work to avoid being part of a story that will become legendary. They want to have fun, but they would rather not be remembered for a date that went completely wrong. Good planning skills are a way to avoid dating mishaps, but they do not always work out. Unexpected consequences can crop up, and a date may turn from a fun adventure into an awkward time in just a few moments.

Contingency plans are an important part of ensuring a date goes well, but few people think of this before they go out. When a restaurant reservation is lost, finding another place to eat may take hours. Couples in this situation will not find it amusing unless one of them knows of another establishment that provides great food, good atmosphere and a unique experience. If neither of them can think of any place off-hand, the date will be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

When bad luck strikes, it is time to come up with a workable solution. Many people might pull out their smart phone to find a new restaurant, but reservations are generally necessary for the good ones. Securing a reservation this way may not be possible, so it is time to find someone who knows the town best. This is where an escort agency is helpful, but few people consider using their services.

The work of escort agencies is to provide paid companions for dates, and many of their escorts know all the best places to dine. As professional daters, they have spent many evenings out on the town and tried all the best restaurants. Their knowledge can turn an awkward dating situation into a fun adventure for a couple just trying to have a good time.