A Date for the Class Clown


Learning to Share Laughter

People develop their habits of interaction early in life, and the class clown generally learns how to act as a protective habit. They see others are people who might pick on them, so they learn how to make them laugh as a defence mechanism. This serves them well when they are in a group, but it does not always work when they are trying to form a relationship with one other person. The laughter they can generate might become too personal, so they need to stop using their date as an object of amusement. Learning to share laughter as a couple could be one of the most important habits they can develop in life.

Relationships are very personal to most people, so finding ways to make jokes about their habits or lifestyle quickly wears thin. The class clown must recognize their ability to use these issues to get a laugh from others is often hurtful, and they must find ways to channel their energy in another direction. They might not be able to learn how to make their partner laugh right away, but continuing to try will often get good results.

Developing new habits is difficult, but sticking with it will give them an opportunity to keep a partner they want. Their ability to find ways to make people laugh can be used in other ways, and their keen observations about people in general are often on target. Leaving out their partner’s personal habits or issues will enhance the relationship.

It can be difficult to start down a new path in life, but those who want to have a good relationship with a trusting partner will do the work necessary to accomplish this goal. They might stumble a few times, so they will have to keep earning the respect of their partner. It might be difficult, but it could be worth a lifetime of happiness with an understanding partner.