A Date for the Class Clown


The Popular Comedian

In every group there is always a person that is the life of the party. When the group gets together, they are the one that makes everyone laugh with their witty comments and astute observations of life. The party doesn't start until they arrive. If someone in the group is observant, they might see that this person seldom brings a date to group events. There is a good reason for this. It is because they have problems finding a significant other.

People that are funny in a group often lack self-confidence. Their skills are sub-par when it comes to forming a close relationship. Rather than mope about it, they have learned how to be funny. Their efforts at being close to others are based on being the center of attention through wit. Rather than deal with their confidence issues, they use the laughter of others to validate their lifestyle.

While on the surface this person may seem happy, they are often sad or depressed. They want an intimate relationship with another person but can't quite get there. They don't have the confidence necessary to ask people out on a date. Even if they do, they are often not taken seriously because they continue to crack jokes. A person like this should consider contacting an escort agency. They need to learn how to be alone with a person and build their confidence level to handle the situation without joking. While difficult, it can be achieved with practice.

Learning how to interact on a face-to-face level is difficult for people with confidence issues. Escorts are used to dealing with people one on one. They understand how to talk and act when with another person. An independent escort has the same skills. These people can help a person find their confidence when alone with another person.