A Date for the Class Clown


The Serious Side of Dating

While dating should always be a fun way for two people to spend time together, there is a serious side to it. Each person is considering the possibility of getting into a long term relationship with the other, so they need to be able to measure how well they mesh during their date. For those who have taken the brave step of dating the class clown, it can be a confusing time. They are not used to their partner being serious, and their partner is concerned that failure to make a joke of everything will rob them of their ability to impress.

Compatibility is often what makes a relationship viable, so it is important to establish whether or not is it present as quickly as possible. For those who expect to be dating the funniest person they know, seeing a serious side of them can be unsettling. If they find dealing with something other than humor does not suit them, they are not ready to form a relationship with this particular person. Those who find it a refreshing change should be honest enough to tell their partner, and they will have a good chance to make a future commitment to each other.

For the person who approaches a date as the class clown, their emotions can be a hindrance. They want to be able to connect in a meaningful way, but their concern is often that they will be rebuffed. Fear of failure in this case can be overwhelming, but they must face their fear if they ever want to have a real relationship.

Dating while looking for a long term relationship is about compatibility, and part of it is also about making a partner feel comfortable. Each person within the relationship must feel their feelings are understood, so dating the class clown should be about looking at them seriously as a partner instead of an entertainment.