A Date for the Class Clown


When Being Funny Isn’t Funny

Some people never seem to grow past being teenagers. These are the people that constantly carry on as if life is a joke. No matter what their underlying issues are, they often use humor to for popularity, but they also hurt people. This may help them to get through life, but it is not helping them to succeed in relationships. Few people want to hear their intimate moments with a person translated into this week's batch of jokes. Once word gets around that a person acts this way, they will find their ability to even get dates has been severely limited.

Some people believe that being funny all the time is good. They seem to have stopped developing at the stage where anything for a joke is acceptable. Low brow humor often gets laughs, but people find it grating after a while. Friends will drop away before too long, and the funny person often becomes lonely. Finding a date is impossible because of their reputation for joking about intimate relationships. They need company and physical relief, but are unsure where to turn.

Finding a fuck buddy may be the only option for this type of person. Having a relationship is not a goal for fuck buddies, and they often do not care what a person says about them. They don't have the same circle of friends. While they are into no strings attached sex, they consider dating on an entirely different level. They might never even consider dating their sexual partner.

A large part of being an adult comes with knowing what to say in a group or with friends. Learning limits shows a person is becoming more mature. For those that choose not to have limits, they will find their ability to date has become compromised. Over time, the problem will either correct itself or the person will ultimately be very lonely.